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May Red Mango Night for Nothing But Nets

On May 30, Millburn High School’s Girl Up Club hosted a fund raiser at Red Mango Millburn from 5-10 on May 30th. In this fund raiser, when a customer presented a flyer to the cashier, 20% of the proceeds went to the charity Nothing But Nets. Nothing But Nets is a charity that raises money to buy bed nets for people at risk for malaria. These bed nets have insect repellent woven into them. Therefore, they protect the people sleeping under the nets from malaria-causing mosquitoes while also killing mosquitoes that could go infect unprotected individuals. Although these bed nets seem simple, they are very effective in protecting against malaria, which kills 600,000 individuals per year. The Girl Up Club chose to raise money for this organization to show how simple measures can be taken to combat deadly diseases. Malaria is a disease that seems threatening, but there are simple measures that can be taken to prevent malaria that are not widely recognized. Also, while Girl Up does seek to give opportunities to women around the world, the main goal of the club is to raise awareness for issues that must be brought into light. Supporting a charity such as Nothing But Nets does help women in that women are protected against malaria, but more importantly, the foundation seeks to protect people who are vulnerable, therefore giving them the opportunity to be healthy and to succeed. Millburn Girl Up raised a hundred dollars from this event, and will be donating the proceeds, along with the funds they raised at a bake-sale benefitting #NothingButNets last month, at the end of the year.

-Aparna Raghu, sophomore