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The Millburn Item features MHS Girl Up Club!

Support Millburn Girl Up at our Red Mango Fundraiseron Tuesday April 24th from 5-10 pm at Red Mango millburn. Proceeds go towards Millburn Girl Up, a UN initiative to provide girls with security/healthcare/education. The official flyer, which you MUST present in order to have the proceeds benefit us, is available on the event page. Thanks!

Domestic Violence in Millburn. That's our town. These things are happening to women near us.

Girl Up thus far has spread awareness about the abuses that women and girls face abroad. Unfortunately, the same is true in the United States. According to the National Organization of Women, three women in the US are murdered every day by an intimate partner. Please support Millburn Girl Up in our effort to spread awareness about the issues that face women and girls, and playing a role in trying to combat them.